The Officer Joshua T. Miktarian Memorial Scholarship Fund is the official charity of Silverdale Lights.

DonationIt has become customary for holiday display like Silverdale Lights to choose a charity for donations. Our community was profoundly affected by an event that happen at 2:00am on July 13, 2008. While we slept safely under the watch of our Twinsburg Police department, Officer Joshua T Miktarian was killed during a traffic stop. For the weeks following, it felt like this city stopped living. It is a moment in time that my family will never forget.

As with all tragedies, you soon learn how to start again and begin looking back to the good memories of someone life. In 2009, The Officer Joshua T. Miktarian Memorial Scholarship Fund was created. The scholarship fund was established to carry on Officer Joshua Miktarianís dedication to the field of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. Two scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to graduating students: one from Twinsburg High School and one from Tallmadge High School due to Officer Miktarianís link to both communities. Officer Miktarian proudly served the community of Twinsburg as a police officer for eleven years. Officer Miktarian was also a long-time resident of Tallmadge, graduating from Tallmadge High School in 1993.

The mission of the Officer Joshua T. Miktarian Memorial Scholarship Fund is to honor the memory of a police officer, husband, father and friend who dedicated his life to serving and protecting the public by encouraging students to continue his legacy of service through a career in law enforcement or a related criminal justice field.

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